Notice on laws concerning specific sales
(formerly the Door-to-Door Sales Law)

1. Sales dealer
Contents Works Inc.
2. COO
Akihiko Ogino
3. Address
G-FRONT AOYAMA 4F, 2-12-15 Kitaaoyama, Minatok-ku, Tokyo
107-0061 JAPAN
PhF0120-298956 (Customer Support Center)
4. Order Method
Select the desired product on the web page and place it into the shopping cart. Next, enter your name, address, and payment method. The order is now complete.
5. Item price
Displayed for each product (including the 5% consumption tax).
6. Required charges other than purchase price
Shipping and handling- Domestic ¥290-¥779
- Oversea
Payment extra fee

C.O.D.(Cache on delivery) fee : ¥330`1,100.
NP 'atobarai'(Pay after delivery) fee: 209
7. Payment
Credit card, bank transfer, NP 'atobarai'(Pay after delivery), C.O.D.(Cache on delivery)
* We can only accept payment by credit card in the case of the order from oversea.
8. Delivery of item(s)
1-7 working days (*2) after confirmation of payment (*1) are needed before shipping. The time it takes for the item(s) to be delivered to the customer is the above shipping time plus the number of days required for delivery.
*1: Confirmation of payment means transmission of data for credit card payment , NP 'atobari' or C.O.D and deposit of total sum for payment through bank transfer.
*2: Delivery may take over 10 working days depending on the items or quantity of the order. Thank you for your understanding.
*3 Delivery normally takes 1-4 days. 
9. Payment Deadline
One month after placement of order. The order shall be canceled if credit card transmission or deposit of funds cannot be confirmed before the payment deadline.
10. Returns
Damaged or defective items at time of delivery shall be replaced. Returns and replacements for other reasons cannot be accepted.
* BookPark shall cover shipping fees in the event of a return due to damage or defects.
* Please contact our Customer Support Center before sending back returns. Returns with no prior notice shall not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.
Please include any documents sent with the item(s) when returning the item(s).

The return deadline is 8 days from the delivery date. 

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